Kennesaw State University's Office of Government Relations serves as the primary contact for information and access among elected officials and other government and community leaders. Through intentional actions that prioritize the needs of our more than 41,000 students, the Office of Government Relations works to fulfill the University's mission of providing a world-class education to Georgia's future workforce. By maintaining strong relationships throughout the legislative and executive branch as well as the public and private sector, the Office of Government Relations helps to generate support for the University's academic and research objectives. This support may include the development and implementation of strategies and programs designed to achieve public funding goals, among other initiatives. As Kennesaw State University continues to build upon each success, the Office of Government Relations leverages these connections to ensure our partners are kept informed of ongoing projects and are provided with unique opportunities to engage with students, faculty, and staff. It is through these purposeful interactions with federal, state, and local stakeholders that the Office of Government Relations strives to advance ongoing efforts to establish Kennesaw State University as one of the top tier R2 institutions in the country. For questions or comments regarding government relations, please contact us.