About the D.C. Owls

The D.C. Owls internship program promotes federal internship opportunities among KSU students. Specifically, students may be provided the chance to live in our nation’s capital and assist a member of congress, a congressional committee, or an executive branch office. Day-to-day tasks may vary based on placement but will likely include constituent services, research, attendance at committee hearings and briefings, and more.

Scholarships are available for select students interested in participating in an internship during the fall, spring, or summer semester. These scholarships are awarded in the form of a stipend and are intended to assist interns with housing and other arrangements while in D.C. Students selected to receive the D.C. Owls scholarship are still expected to submit their own applications for internships based on academic or personal preference. Only after an internship has been secured will those students receive the stipend.

To apply for the D.C. Owls scholarship, students must complete the application at the link below. Submission of a resume and cover letter is required. An interview with KSU faculty and staff may be requested following the receipt of application materials. Juniors and seniors of all majors may apply for the scholarship but must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and receive course credit for their participation in the internship. For additional information regarding the application of course credit, please contact Holly Sedys with the Department of Career Planning and Development at hsedys@kennesaw.edu. Finally, only internships with government offices apply towards the D.C. Owls scholarship.

If you are planning to take part in the D.C. Owls internship program but are not interested in the scholarship, we recommend you still reach out to Kara Richardson to discuss how the Office of Government Relations and the Department of Career Planning and Development can best assist you as you move forward with your application process. If traveling to D.C. is not an option but you would still like to explore similar opportunities, internships are also available in the district offices for Georgia’s congressional delegation. Though, students participating in such internships are not eligible for the stipend.

To apply for the D.C. Owls scholarship, students must complete the application at the link
Contact: Kara Richardson
Phone: (470) 578-7240
Email: kricha79@kennesaw.edu

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